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Pilot Episode ft. Capt. Dean Sela: The Dancing Pilot

We wanted to be as inclusive as possible so we use the word Queer for anyone who wants to identify that way within the LGBTQ+ Community.  Captain Dean Sela shares with us today what it is like for him to be gay in the aviation industry.

WE'RE NOT BROKEN: Erin LeBlanc - Episode 2

Gender Dysphoria used to be called Gender Identity Disorder until 2013 with the release of the DSM-5, which is like the medical bible. It was changed because the word “disorder” has a negative stigma. 

Celebrating My True Self: Robbie Van - Episode 3

Robbie Van. Robbie is a transgender woman who came out late in life, and found she was able to re-create herself and express her talents as a writer, poet, artist, musician, and so many other things 

LOSING MY RELIGION: Rev. Ralph Carl Wushke - Episode 4

Reverend Ralph Carl Wuske has spent a lifetime as a Church Minister and he is a gay man with a story to tell. His experience casts a spotlight on the Church and its evolution in perception of the Queer Community.

Pride, A Deeper Love: Alessandro Lachelli - Episode 5

PRIDE organizations are adapting to the COVID-19 challenges and making LBGTQ+ equality important throughout the year. 

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